Do You Make These Mistakes On Your Job Interviews?

Let's start off with the most common mistake applicants make on job interviews.

According to 36% of recruiters who completed a survey by Korn/Ferry International, one of the largest recruiting companies in the world, the most common mistake is: Talking too much.

The second most common mistake in the poll was lack of knowledge about the company or position (22%).

The lesson: make your point, then leave it at that and wait for the interviewer to speak.

In an informal survey of hiring managers about mistakes people make during an interview, lack of eye contact turned out to be one of the biggest ones. It seems like a simple thing, but many people just seem to forget it or don't pay attention to it.

To the interviewer, lack of eye contact can signal a number of negative things: You're not telling the truth. Or you're being evasive. Or you're hiding something. I'm not advocating that you stare at the interviewer. Just maintain steady, engaged, eye contact when you or the interviewer are speaking.

Poor body language

Interviewers are generally skilled observers. They are looking not only at what you say but how you say it, including your body language. Do not slouch. Crossing your arms in front of your chest sends out the wrong signal. Maintain good posture and try to keep your hands folded on your lap.

Not researching the company

If you do not know some basic things about the company it shows you don't care enough and you're not thorough. When you know basic company information it shows an eagerness for the job and displays interest in the company. In addition, knowing some details about the company will enable you to ask better, more relevant questions, and make a stronger impression.

Not having your papers and documentation ready

Remember to take along extra copies of your resume, names and contact information of your references and reference letters so you can leave them with your interviewer. If there are any other documents needed, make extra copies to bring along.

Inappropriate dress

Know something about the industry and the corporate culture. In most cases the safest bet is to dress professionally and conservatively. But there are variations within that general rule. In some industries and companies that may mean being fairly formal, while in other industries less formality is the norm.

In the technology industry, the dress code may be more casual than in other industries, but it can also vary with the position. Sales may still be buttoned down. While being in IT may more casual. In creative type jobs a more casual dress is expected, but don't overdo it. Know your industry and what is appropriate.

Asking questions at the wrong time

You may be tempted to jump in at various times in the interview with questions. Don't. Hold your questions till the end when the interviewer invites you to ask questions. Having said that, if during the interview a question seems to naturally evolve from the conversation, go ahead. But be careful about this. And don't ask about salary or benefits unless the interviewer brings it up.

These are just some of the mistakes many people make during interviews. Avoid them and you increase your chances for the job offer.
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