Career Advice For College Graduates

Nothing beats the feeling of putting in your time and studying your tail off and becoming a college graduate; that is until you realize that you now have to find a career. The good news is you have a degree and are already off to a great start in the wonderful world of work. The bad news is you are ‘wet behind the ears,’ have no experience, and are about to embark on a job hunting expedition in one of the toughest job markets in the history of the country.

While having you degree is certainly nice just remember, it does not guarantee you a job. Here are some friendly suggestions for you when you are seeking your new career path:

Aim High but Appropriately

Don’t try to become the president of the company right out of the box. You have to realize that you may have to start as entry level. Even though you have a degree you will still need to work your way up to some extent. Once you get your foot in the door of the company you are interested in then you can use your skills and ability to quickly climb the corporate ladder if that is your desire. But nothing in life comes easy; you have to be willing to work for it.

Create Experience

If you are trying to get into an industry that requires ‘experience’ how are you supposed to get that experience without obtaining the job? Get creative here and think outside the box. You can volunteer within the industry and this can give you some much needed experience for your resume. Another way to learn but also earn is to try to find an internship in your chosen profession. While these ways will not make you rich, they will give you the experience you need to get a better position down the road.

Don’t Get Frustrated

Again this is one of the toughest job markets to date. If you find that you are not being considered for the jobs you want, don’t get discouraged and give up. Keep at it. Tenacity is the name of the game, especially in a weaker job market.

Be Open Minded
While a college degree certainly looks great on your resume you should always be open to the idea of furthering your education. This can be in the way of job specific schooling or training or even in a couple of online college classes that will help you in your chosen career industry. One thing you can never have too much of when it comes to work is knowledge.

Find your Passion

If you find yourself on a career path that is not to your liking then you may need to consider a change. Even if you think you may want to go one way, once you are there you may want to go another. There is nothing wrong with this and being happy at what you do for a living goes a long way in being happy in life.

While it may have seemed like an eternity to get to where you are now, your life has just begun. Enjoy the fact that you have accomplished your goal of obtaining a college degree, but do not revel too long. You have many other accomplishments to look forward to in your life and your chosen career path so get out there and go get them.

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