4 Steps to Overcome Public Speaking Fear

Agreeing to give a presentation or speech can be a nerve racking experience. Especially if you spend time thinking about what could go wrong.

If you are like most people you won't like public speaking or giving a presentation, and you are nervous before you start to speak. A few nerves can be good for you when it acts as an incentive to give of your best.

It is when nerves get in the way of presenting that it becomes a problem. Here are 4 confidence boosting tips to help you calm your nerves use them in a positive way, to deliver an effective and confident speech and presentation:

1. Be Prepared

- As soon as you have agreed to give your speech get working on your speech. - Choose a topic you know and will be of interest to the audience. - Become more of an authority on your topic by doing more research. - Develop a brief out line of your speech to get a good overall picture of ot - To get your ideas fully formed try writing the speech out word for word using conversational English

2. Practice Thoroughly

Practice along with carefully preparing a speech will do more than anything else to calm nerves and build self confidence. They provide logical reasons to be confident, i.e. a speech you know you can deliver, in a topic you are knowledgeable about and meet the audience's wants and needs. The aim of practicing is to get to the point where you are comfortable in the delivery of your speech. To get used to giving it to an audience, try delivering the speech in front of your friends or family, or may be even deliver it to your pets, soft toys or a mirror. (Many confident public speakers have successfully used these props when they were getting started).

3. Visualization

Most people normally visualize the delivery and outcome their speech in a negative way. However, don't visualize how it could be a disaster; visualize your speech being a success. Visualize yourself speaking up with confidence and effectively communicating to your audience and the audience enjoying the experience!)

4. Relaxation

The most stressful time is just before you are to present. Find and utilize relaxation techniques that work for you (Not alcohol), e.g. take a few deep breaths, go for a short walk, stretching, smiling, visualization etc, can all help. With practice you can become very proficient in this. Relaxing and being calm helps to settle nerves and tension.

Preparation and practice, along with visualization and relaxation techniques are used by many professional sports people, speakers and salespeople to confidently perform at their best. Why not try out these tips and see your confidence and effectiveness in public speaking increase. You may even enjoy the experience!

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