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4 Careers In the Automotive Industry That People Don't Consider

When looking to work in the automotive industry, people often think of typical and boring careers. While it's enjoyable to work as a mechanic or work sell cars, others want more excitement from their jobs. With his in mind, here are four careers in the automotive industry that people don't often consider.

Tow truck driver: 

Now, when looking to make a difference and make a decent living in the process, one should consider working as a tow truck driver. In this position, one will take their rig to the scene of accidents and pick up damaged cars. This is only part of the job. A tow truck driver will also help people who breakdown on the side of the road. It's not all bad news, often, a tow truck driver can help a person jumpstart their car or fix a minor issue. The great thing about this job is that it never stays the same. Think about it, on one call, a driver may have to pick up a mangled car. Then, on the next call, he or she may have to help pull a broken down car off the side of the road. Starting as a tow truck driver, there are actually quite a few that end up running their own tow truck company once they’re gotten to learn the ropes of this industry. The earning potential us much higher when you own your own company doing this.

Auto parts store employee: 

Without a doubt, if a person likes helping others, he or she should consider working at an auto parts store. Of course, most people now take their vehicles to a mechanic. However, plenty of individuals still opt for the DIY approach. For this reason, one who wants to help people find the best solutions should consider working at an auto parts store.

Junkyard manager: 

When looking to work with old cars, one should consider a career as a junkyard manager. In this role, an employee can help people get top-dollar for their old cars. Furthermore, one can help people find the right products for their needs. Again, if a person wants to work outside, he or she should consider working as a manager at a small junkyard. Mike's Auto Towing is one of the auto wreckers up in Kamloops up in Canada and is a great example of just how many different options there are around the country in this field.

Exotic car parts vendor: 

Finally, when working with older or exotic car models, one can help people find what they want. Think about it, when owning a 40-year-old car, one will struggle to find the parts they need. Other times, people with a Lamborghini or other exotic model, the customer will not know where to turn. For this reason, an exotic car parts vendor can make a decent living and have fun.

These are just a few of the careers in the automotive industry most people foolishly forget to consider.

Pursuing MS from top Australian Universities

In the last one decade, Australia has emerged as one of the most sought-after destinations for higher-education by international students. The following post gives overview of MS program in Australian Universities. Read on to know more. 

Australian Education System – an Overview

Over the last few years, Australia has went on to become one of the leading destinations for international students. Several Australian universities have recorded an increased application from thousands of international students from across the globe.

The education system in the country is modelled after the one in the United Kingdom, and hence the degrees that Australian universities award, carry the same value and recognition that the UK ones do. The education system in the country is also well recognized by other countries, and the accreditation of Australian universities is at par with the UK, US and European universities; thus ensuring that studying in Australia offers you the great career prospects.

Australia has a well developed infrastructure for education, with its state sponsored universities offering world class facilities and degrees that are internationally recognized and valued. The country also has an incredible environment that fosters a global outlook and can help you become the kind of professional that leading organizations all over the world would be interested in hiring. A Masters program in Australia can be just the thing that you need to get ahead of your peers and secure a bright future for yourself.

Requirements for pursuing an MS in Australia

In order to be eligible for pursuing an MS degree in Australia, you need to be a graduate. This graduate degree must be in the same field that you are applying for a MS program and must be obtained from a duly accredited institution that at least has a national level recognition in your country.

A certification of proficiency in English is also needed when you are applying for an MS in Australia. This proficiency can be easily proved by the means of one of the many tests and programs that Australian universities recognize, including IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson Test of English, and University of Cambridge Advanced program in English. There may be some specific requirements which may vary from university to university, and thus, its imperative that you satisfy those requisites too.

Tuition Fees and Other Expenses

While the exact fees for an MS program in any University can be found on their official website, the general trends indicate that you can expect to pay anything from Australian $20,000 to $37,000, for one year’s tuition when you join an MS program in Australia. The fee structure gets revised annually and you will need to check for the tuition fee for the MS program on the website of the university that you are interested in joining.

The cost of education in Australia is amongst the highest in the world, but year after year, trends have shown that Australia has one of the highest percentage of international students enrolled in their various programs when compared to any other university in the world. The weakening of the Australian Dollar as a global currency effectively means that you will have to pay less for education, as well as for the cost of living in Australia.

Top 5 universities in Australia for an MS Degree

Australia has a number of prestigious institutes where you can apply for an MS program. However, if you want a truly exceptional experience, the leading 5 universities in Australia, that also feature in the top 100 educational institutes in the world, will offer you the best career prospects.
  1. University of Melbourne: Is currently ranked 43 out of 100 and is a premier seat of education in Australia.
  2. Australian National University: It has a ranking range of 61-70 and is located in Canberra.
  3. University of Sydney: It holds a ranking range of 61-70 among the leading universities in the world
  4. University of Queensland: UQ is ranked 81-90 by THE and is a great option for your MS
  5. University of New South Wales: It has a global ranking of 91-100 and offers some great MS programs.
Apart from the above-mentioned, students can choose from institutes like University of Ballarat and Monash University as well for MS degrees. So, if you have decided to pursue an MS from abroad, Australia is definitely the place!

7 Off-Beat Career Options You Can Look For

Gone are the days when only blue collar jobs used to pay you well and offer you a respectable social footings. Now it's time for a change in career decisions. You can steer clear of those jobs that though offer you a handsome salary at the end of the month, but do nothing to make the work fun for you. You can look into to some amazing options when it's time for focusing on different jobs and the prospect they offer. So here is a list of 7 unusual career options that is sure to pique your interest.

1# Special Educator:

If teaching is your thing but teaching in public school bores you, you can always choose to be a special educator. There are many children as well as elders who are in dire need of special education. Your teaching skills and your patience will play a vital role in this field. Your job will require:

- Identify the students who are specially disable physically or mentally
- Identify their needs as it will vary from each student
- To find a correspondence with normal education by your method of teaching
- To work with patience and make learning interesting for these students.

2# Career Counselor:

Many job seekers as well as students find it difficult to find a career that will suit them the best. As a career counselor you can help them find out what they need. What you need to do is:

- Weigh different options of job and education according to their needs
- Help them to decide how to solve the confusion regarding suitable courses
- Ensure help in finding the right career by assessing their needs and characteristics.

3# Translator In T.V.:

National geography has started airing their programs in various regional languages. Probably you can be the translator of your favorite program in your own regional language. Yes, now English is not the only language that can get you a job. Even your mother tongue can be the reason that you will land your job as a translator for a popular tv channel. You just need to be proficient in that very language you are going to translate into as well as the language you are translating from.

4# Behavioral Scientist:

Are you an introvert? You are reluctant to talk but fascinated by the behaviors of man and animal alike?  Not a problem. Make your fascination a tool to earn money. Become a behavioral scientist. Study human and animal behavior. There are huge prospect of behavioral science:

- To work with the organization that  deals with drug and alcohol addicts
- To tie up with NGOs that helps the victims of sexual abuse and domestic abuse
- To work with the children brought up in unprivileged atmosphere, specially red light areas or foster homes.

Though you should understand that behavioral science is a little different than social studies as it focuses solely on the internal patterns of someone's thought.

5# Food Columnist:

Are you very much interested in cooking as well as maintaining your food habit healthy? Then it's your calling. As a food columnist your job is to give the taste buds of people a fresh yet tasty change and teach them a way to make healthy food without compromising with the taste. Your columns and articles     will contain not only recipes but a way to stay fit and in shape.

You can also give away some secrets that you have learned from your mother, the tips that you have heard from some aged aunt or  some authentic recipes of traditional food items.

6# Sleep Scientist:

Yes, maybe it sounds funny. But trust me when I say it is an interesting job. Behavioral pattern of human being is quite easier to gauge as compared to the science of sleep. A normal person devotes 30% time of the life to sleep properly. But what happens when we sleep? Psychologists are equally baffled as we are. So here comes the scope for sleep scientists. They study the sleep and the physical and mental conditions that are associated with sleep.

7# Voice Over Artist:

Do you know who is Clarence Nash? If you don't then listen. He is the famous voice behind our adorable Donald Duck. He lent the duck his voice for 50 years. If you have that hidden talent in you to talk in various weird and funny voices, it's time to exploit it. Give your voice over to some newly aired animation series. And this is a real fun job indeed.

So you have a long way to tread ahead. Choose the options that suites you the best and add fun and satisfaction in your job.

Author Bio:

Richard White works as an editor at Yellow Brick Path. He enjoys varying his work and researching new and different approaches to his work. He shares an interest in career counseling and recruitment.

image credit: Stuart Miles

Top list for a catchy resume for fresher –Paint the picture of your future

The resume is the most important thing that can lead you to your first job. That is why you have to write your resume properly. People follow different strategies to write their resume, but these strategies cannot provide effective outcomes. You should prepare a proper planning that will guide you to your first job. The following guide will help you to write a resume that brings you the first job.

Make a suitable resume that matches the applied job

The foremost thing while writing a resume is to understand the job for which you are applying. It will help you to prepare your resume just for that particular job. It is okay to create a resume and use it for all the jobs, but an effective way is to edit the resume according to the required job. You must keep in mind that you are preparing your resume to get this particular job. This will guide you to create a suitable resume and it will match with the job that you are applying for. Employers will see whether your resume matches with the applied job or not. If you can successfully express your abilities to match with the requirements, this will surely bring you the first job that you are looking for.

Make it eye catching and attractive 

An attractive resume separates your resume from all the average ones. Employers get impressed with the eye catching content in your resume. So you need to prepare something that can make your resume eye catching and attractive. You can give bullet points on the important information and use proper spacing. This will help the employer to identify the things that he or she is looking for. You can also use attractive words to make it more suitable. But you should avoid decorating your resume as it does not portray professionalism.  

Your resume must be written in active languages

When you are writing your resume, make sure to write it in active languages. It displays your self-concept in the resume. When you write your resume in active language and use strong and energetic words, the employer gets the whole idea clearer. Your resume becomes easy to read and its contents become simple. This is what the employers want. It is recommended to avoid phrases and personal pronouns as much as possible.

Use appropriate keywords in your resume

Using appropriate and right keywords in the resume is an effective way to get the job. Employers use keyword search to find the suitable candidates and make a short list of them. So you need to put the keywords in your resume. You will find the keywords in the job circular. Make sure to use the skills required for the job. You can also use custom ways to determine keywords. LinkedIn has skill section, from where you can get the suitable keywords for your resume.

Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes

Grammatical and spelling mistakes give bad impression the employer. Some surveys show that employers look for grammar and spelling mistakes to screen out candidates. That is why you should avoid silly grammatical and spelling mistakes. This will make your resume perfect and you will have less risk of screening out.

Avoid unnecessary information

Your resume length should be appropriate. You should not include unnecessary information. Providing too much information is also a minus point as employers do not get the chance of reading your whole resume. Don’t make your personal profile vogue. Give only useful things about you that will portray you as a professional. Provide experience. If you have a lot of work experience in different fields, only give the experiences that match with the job.

Give numbers to your accomplishments 

Employers look for accomplishments in your resume. The more accomplishment you have, the greater the chance of getting the desired job. So try to provide enough accomplishments. The trick is to give numbers to them so that the employer can count your accomplishments.

Include work experience as much as possible

Including work experience can increase your chance of getting the job. Employers seek people who have more work experience. Your resume length should be determined by the length of your work experience. This section should be the biggest section of your resume. Put the responsibilities with your work experience and use bullet points to write them.

Provide correct contact information and avoid skipping the little ones

The employer would try to contact with you that is why it is necessary to provide correct contact information. Don’t skip the little details. Try to put everything there is. Make sure to avoid irrelevant email address. Your email address should be easy to read. The best way is to use your name as your email address. Never ever provide funky email addresses.

Some checklists

After finishing your resume, you should use a checklist to make your perfect resume.

Proof read the resume properly.
Make sure you did not provide any false information.
Make sure to include your recent photograph in the resume.
Provide a clear objective.
Provide reference properly with appropriate contact details.
You can list your hobbies and memberships if you like.

About  Mary Isable 

Mary Isabale is a career expert, experienced hiring manager, and Editor of careerstair, a career blog for all levels, resume to careershift all solution in one. Isable prefer to be known as career doctor. She wrote more than 100 articles on career advancement and unemployment issues.

Image credit: phasinphoto

10 things you shouldn’t do in an interview

Job interview is an impending life altering episode and you have to do it right. Yet so many people face it ,in a wrong way. May be you got an outstanding CV and marvelous work experience. They make you an impressive candidate partially. But the most important thing here is the appearance of you. If you can make a great impression on the first look, you can get a good head start in getting the the job. So, to do it in the right way, you need to avoid certain things in the interview. Go through the following tips to avoid things you shouldn’t do in an interview to make a good first impression:

1) Being unprepared:

The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind  that do not dare to face the interview board without doing proper research on the industry, the company, your boss and other relevant things. You may know your work well, but if you don’t know how the company operates then it will make you a less deserved candidate for the post. Use the ‘About us’ tab of the company website to learn things like this before giving interview in that company.

2) Showing up lately:

Turning up late for an interview will destroy the very first impression of you in front of the interviewers. Try to be punctual. Don’t be late unless you have a strong excuse.

3) Dressing inappropriately:

The very first impression about you is made by the interviewers when they set their eyes upon you. Being casual might be the current trend, but remember that wearing a suit and tie is always considered as the basic grammatical attire if any profession. Dress appropriately. It will also convince the employers that you are ready to take responsibilities.

4) Having a poor body language:

Having a positive body language is an important thing during an interview. The interviewers always try to understand you through your body language. Sitting improperly, shaking legs, crossing arms, not making proper eye contact- these are considered as a bad body language. When you are giving an interview try to sit straight and hold your head and backbone in a line. Keep your foot flat on the floor. Maintain direct eye contact with the interviewer. It will give them a message about your self assurance and confidence.

5) Not being clear while answering:

Questioning you is the interviewers only medium to know about you and answering to the questions is you only way to express yourself. So, while giving answers to their questions, try to be specific, relevant and obviously straightforward. Take your time before answering a question. Think about it. Organize your thoughts and then deliver it. If you are unable to answer it, then frankly tell them about it. Do not try to give wrong or irrelevant answers. It may harm your goodwill.

6) Speaking ill about your current employer:

If you are working somewhere currently, the interviewers will obviously try to know about that. Avoid saying negative things about your current employee no matter how repressive or feeble they are. Being a bad mouth about your current employee can seriously damage your impression.

7) Not asking questions:

The employers will look for your enthusiasm and they will want to see that if you are interested about the company. Asking questions about your job and the post will give them a feeling that you are interested in the job. Not asking and remaining silent will make you a ill deserved candidate.

8) Lying in the CV:

Be careful about your CV. Put all the right information in your resume. Do not exaggerate it with false information about your experience or education. Anything can be discussed at the interview and being caught off lying in the CV during the interview will badly harm your prospect in the eyes of the interviewers.

9) Talking about money:

Discuss about your salary when you are asked. Do not ask about it from yourself. If they find you eligible they will make the first move. Obviously there will be space for negotiation. But talking about salary too early will make a bad impression about you. Be polite while talking about salary.

10) Walking away suddenly:

After finishing the interview, do not just walk away simply throwing a thank you. Before leaving, try to find out what the company is thinking about you. Ask them what would be the next step. You can also send them a follow up email thanking them for giving the opportunity of taking part in the interview. Remember, it is not all about getting the job. It is also about showing them who you are in a manner and behavior.

About  Mary Isable

Mary Isabale is a career expert, experienced hiring manager, and Editor of careerstair, a career blog for all levels, resume to careershift all solution in one. Isable prefer to be known as career doctor. She wrote more than 100 articles on career advancement and unemployment issues. Now Isabale works as chief editor of careerstair and owns a personal consultancy firm for those who are frustrated being unemployed or fired from their job.

image credits: stockimages

Five Keys to Avoiding Stress, Burnout and Addiction at Your Job

Those of us who work in high-pressure environments can often find ourselves succumbing to burnout as a result of our high levels of stress. This can lead to a myriad of issues, from fatigue and depression to outright addiction as a method to cope. Many people who end up in outpatient rehab cite job and career stress as contributing factors in their addictions. If you want to avoid ending up in one of these unhappy scenarios, then it's important that you take steps to prevent career-related burnout. Here are five keys to avoiding stress at your job.

1. Consistently Evaluate The State Of Your Mental Health

It's important to consistently take a pause to evaluate the state of your mental health. You can periodically ask yourself a myriad of questions, such as whether or not your work stresses are carrying over into your personal life and causing you to participate in negative behaviors.

2.  Make Time For Breaks and Vacations

Many of us wear "workaholic" as a badge of pride. However, there's no such thing as a person who can work constantly at a high output level without getting burnt out. To prevent work-related stress and burnout, it's essential that you make time for breaks and vacations to help you unwind and reset.

3. Evaluate The State of Your Substance Use

Plenty of us can enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day without it becoming a problem. However, for those of us who are experiencing a large amount of stress or depression related to our jobs, alcohol and drugs can become a way to cope and deal with our work stresses. Take some time to evaluate the state of your substance use. If you suspect that it might be becoming a problem, then it's time to seek out help.

4. Don't Take On Too Much

In an effort to thrive in our jobs and impress our superiors, we oftentimes will take on more work than we are equipped to deal with. To keep your stress levels under control, never take on more work than you are equipped to handle. Remember, your mental health is more important than being the most productive person in your office.

5. Don't Be Afraid To Speak Up

Too many of us are embarrassed to admit that we are overwhelmed, stressed and burned out. If you're feeling overwhelmed and unhappy, don't be afraid to share this with your friends, family and your HR department. No one wants you to work yourself into a state of unhappiness, depression or addiction. Furthermore, no one will lose respect for you if you speak up and make the decision to be candid about your emotional, physical and mental well-being.

How To Make Time For Training And Career Development

In today's ever more rushed climate finding the time to do everything that seems to be needed to be done is one of the biggest problems many people face. Nowhere is this more true than in the workplace. You know that you need to make time for developing your career and ongoing training, yet there never seem to be enough hours in the day.

One of the most obvious things that you can do, yet one which seems to escape most people for the simple reason that they find it "hard" to do is to set your alarm clock for half an hour earlier. You won't miss the sleep and your body will soon adjust to it. By getting up half an hour earlier you will gain an extra three and a half hours a week, which might not seem a lot, but is equivalent to over a week every year. That's a full seven days, with no time off for sleeping, eating, or entertainment. It equates to more like two weeks.

What could you achieve if you could suddenly take two full weeks off work? Yet half an hour a day is all it takes.

Next is delegate. You don't need to do everything yourself. If there are tasks which can be carried out by other people then let them carry them out. Why try to do it all yourself? Certainly you may think, as many people do, that doing it yourself will make sure that it is done correctly. Too many people worry about perfectionism.

If a task can be done by someone else they might just surprise you by doing it correctly. Meanwhile you free up some extra time which you can devote to career development and training. This can lead you to promotion which will mean more money and more opportunities to delegate. The subtle art of delegation is one which has to be learned by many people, but it is an essential administrative tool.

Next, carry out a SWOT analysis. Look at your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. What are you good at, what are you not so good at, what opportunities do you see for yourself, and what do you see that could cause problems for you? It is well worthwhile doing this and you will be surprised at the results.

Another very obvious thing to do is to ask your manager or director if you can have some time off to attend a college course or training to improve your skills and abilities at work. Alternatively, if you work for a large corporation you might well ask whether there are any courses in house that you could attend in order to achieve the same ends. You may very well find that in either case your manager would agree since improving your skills by additional training is only going to benefit his company in the long run.

One other thing that you could do is to enroll at an evening class. Of course, this means that you will miss out on some leisure time but by the same token if your manager can see that you are keen to learn and even so keen that you are willing to put extra hours into it, then the benefits from your point of view will most likely be faster promotion than colleagues who are not prepared to do so.

Either way you should come out a winner, since even if you do not get faster promotion you will have enhanced your skills and be able to command a better job in another company.

photo credit: geralt

Job Tips for Fresher’s working in Dubai

With the astounding development of Dubai's economy and its climb in ubiquity has made various professionals to rush toward this Emirate to explore the great working conditions. Accordingly, numerous gifted professionals and expats are seeing Dubai jobs as an option for greener pastures.

Not just experienced professionals but freshers are also looking for newer opportunities. A stand out amongst the most well-known situations confronted by youngsters and fresh graduates is the shortage of job openings for them. It is common for them to be turned down for the positions they applied because of their absence of experience, provoking a number of them to ask how they can get experience if nobody procures them.

Luckily, due to Dubai's stronghold in business, finance and tourism sectors, even fresher’s are given the open doors to work in different areas here. Dubai jobs even for new professionals are highly lucrative and rewarding in fact.

How to look for openings?

For new graduates, discovering work in Dubai is a perfect dream comes true. Entrance level jobs are available in most of the commercial enterprises. IT, Retail, pharmacy, HR depts., and different commercial enterprises have job openings for the new graduates.

Nonetheless, in times of retreat, it turns into a tough errand to discover work in the event that you are a graduate and are searching for an entrance level occupation. At such times, graduates need to put in a great deal of additional efforts to find openings. The easy and best way is to register in websites offering information on gulf jobs. Do an online research and find which sites professionals are using. Young professionals trying to find jobs in Gulf can rely on these websites.

In today's age, innovation is the key factor towards the achievement of success and social media recruitment is a great example of this. Online networking enlisting started as promptly as 2011 when enrolment specialists started tapping the capability of significant informal organizations like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to discover and obtain new abilities.

Recognizing the impact of social networking in our regular lives, it has undoubtedly turned into a basic technique for recruitment.

Facebook is a stand out amongst the most helpful platforms ever designed. Social recruitment organization Work 4 is one of the significant players in this space. The organization has helped majors like Pepsi, Oracle and even Facebook itself for recruitment of passage level and hourly positions.

Work4 has had the capacity to make great business out of utilizing exclusively Facebook as a recruitment stage, & that demonstrates that the interpersonal organization is a genuine instrument for contracting.

Importance of Twitter is no less than Facebook, in this respect and it might be silly to undermine its imperativeness. Having a right profile picture, and bio has its own particular significance. Using hash tagsmakes your tweets special. This will likewise help your tweets to be instantly searchable. Basic hash tags utilized for enrolling incorporate #career, #job, #hiring, "job post, and #vacancy, around others.

You can also monitor the discussion and recognize what individuals are saying in regards to your organization. Utilize Twitter's progressed pursuit interface and inquiry sentence structure to channel out the commotion.

There is most likely about the way that as far as social selecting LinkedIn holds the best pertinence. There are numerous spotters out there who now utilize LinkedIn as their number one strategy for sourcing skilled and able profiles. LinkedIn has really turned into the expert system it claims to be.

Finding employment thorough social platforms in 2014 has got substantially more advanced and broadened. Google+ is additionally expanding.

Make up Your Mind

When you have chosen to work in Dubai, your next step is to stand out from the rest. One of the first steps you have to take towards this attempt is discovering which aptitudes and qualities are specifically request around businesses. Keeping in mind numerous seekers from abroad are talked with first through telephone or through feature conferencing, make a point to make plentiful readiness to guarantee you make a great early introduction.

Tips for Fresher who works in Dubai 

Your fearlessness is most required at your work place, to develop and turn into a piece of the association. Believe in yourself and change the viewpoint! It matters a lot. Do Help yourself and appreciate yourself! You merit it! Always do what you are best at and do it once more! Stay Happy and buckle down.

Settling in another nation could be troublesome errand with a great deal of disarrays that possess the psyche of an expat.

It is a reality that expats are important for Dubai’s prosperity and the worldwide organizations of the Dubai have prompted fast improvements in the emirates.

Author Bio: Nargisseikh is a professional writer currently focusing on the extensive domain of job search and career building. Currently working with job portal Naukrigulf.com. Follow her on Twitter

Six Well-Paying and Rewarding Careers Away from Computers

Computers have become a large part of our society and a significant part of our workforce these days. Most jobs nowadays at least have a workstation with a computer to enter information at. Contrary to popular belief though, it is possible to get a well-paying job without being an expert with computers or even having to work on one at all. Some of these include careers in truck driving, construction, automotive mechanics, plumbing, carpentry, and forestry.

Truck Driving

Though it may not be the first choice for a lot of people, truck driving can actually be an incredibly rewarding career that is definitely away from a computer screen. With the ability to create your own schedule and with accommodating wages, this job offers flexibility and stability. Truckers can earn up to $85,000 yearly and there are great benefits offered from various companies all around the states.


Construction is not only erecting structures, houses, or buildings. It can also be anything from ironworkers to masons. For example, a career with a company like 20/20 NDT Inc. would give you a well-paying position running non-invasive pipeline and structure testing. This is not what you would normally consider to be in the construction field but is actually just one of the great opportunities offered. Depending on the trade, some construction workers are able to make more than $100,000 a year without having to stare at a computer all day!

Automotive Mechanics

A mechanic is able to physically work on their trade every day by fixing and tinkering in the automobiles they see. Like trucking, automotive mechanics can be a flexible and rewarding field for those who seek it. Generally mechanics make around $40,000 annually, with added benefits and stability in a career away from the computer.


When people think of a plumber, it isn’t nearly as glorifying as it should be. When they need a plumber, however, they praise them and consider them heroes. A career in the plumbing world can be a very physical one, but with an hourly wage of nearly $22.00 on average, it sees its benefits. If you are trying to find a position away from a computer,


Always a rewarding a career for hundreds of years, carpentry is definitely a position able to be done away from the computer. Carpenters create masterpieces every day and are expected to work with mathematical measurements. The profession is actually expected to grow greatly within the next ten years and some carpenters can make up to $73,000 yearly.


A job in forestry may be unconventional but it can actually be extremely satisfying. The average yearly salary is around $56,000 and the job growth should be steady over the next few years as well. Some typical jobs under the forestry umbrella are forest rangers and forest rehabilitation, both positions that have you out in nature and away from a computer screen!

There are actually quite a few rewarding jobs out there that have you step away from the computer screen or even require computer skills at all. The careers listed above are just a few of what is out there currently. You just need to get out there and look for what interests you.

Careers In Construction: 4 Paths To Consider When Going Into The Home Building Business

Some of the most important careers in the world today are those that are found in the homebuilding industry. People all over the world are looking for homes that are well built by people who are friendly and hard working. When going into the homebuilding business, there are a few different paths that one can take. Four of the most common paths in homebuilding are roofers, painters, carpet installers and electricians.


Roofing is fairly straightforward. Roofers work on the top of a house to lay shingles and construct the roof. They work outside in the sun, and their work is hard. However, they do make good money, and the workout that they receive while working is good for the body. It will be best for you to find an entry-level job under someone experienced if becoming a roofer is something that you want to do. Those who are afraid of heights need not apply. A good example of what kind of company you would be working for is A. Clark Roofing is one of the roofing contractors in Edmonton Alberta.


When you become a painter, you must decide whether you want to focus on internal painting or external painting. Of course, you may decide to specialize in both if you feel that you are knowledgeable enough in the field to be successful. Once you decide that you want to be a painter, you must then obtain a license by taking the state examination. Once you do this and have all your tools, you are set to go.

Carpet Installer

The job description for someone who installs carpet can include removing old flooring, measuring floor areas, preparing floors and installing carpet. This work is physically demanding, but no college degree is necessary to become a carpet installer. While some states will require that you have a license, many do not. The key to becoming a carpet installer is to find an entry-level job that will allow you to grow into an experienced carpet installer.


Becoming an electrician can take a lot of time and effort, but there are plenty of jobs for those who successfully become licensed electricians. One of the best ways to become an electrician is to attend a trade school after graduating from high school and then obtaining an apprenticeship. If you want to become a master electrician, you will have to pass an examination to become licensed by the state.

Getting Started

These are just a few of the different career paths available to you in the homebuilding industry, but there are always more. All of these professions require hard work and dedication, so it's important for you to decide beforehand whether or not it's something that you really want to do. For those who journey into the homebuilding business, you will likely be rewarded with plenty of work and good pay.

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