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3 Tips for Career Success from an Introvert

The corporate world is gradually shifting towards appreciating and rewarding introverts from giving all the credit to extroverts but it is a fact that majority of the corporations are still very far from forming equality between extroverts and introverts. The work of introverts is usually acknowledged with a pat on the shoulder, but it is a fact that extroverts are the ones who take all the spotlight attracting majority of the rewards and recognition. Introverts have different nature because of which it is believed that they lack the important part of something that makes up a “modern-day personality” – the gene for sustainable career growth.

As an introvert, I have been ignored a lot of times. There were days when I was overlooked and usually termed as “not a team player”. It not only hurts, it also impacted my confidence negatively. As most of the extroverts don’t realize the difference, it gets really difficult to survive the hardships. The corporations and humans all need to realize that there is nothing wrong in being different.

As they say, to succeed you have to fight your own battle. I have literally fought a lot of battles to stand up, to be heard and to be valued. In my opinion, there are a lot of measures and strategies that introverts can discover and implement to get the deserving respect and start a journey towards a successful career. The tips that I am sharing are based on my own experiences that I have been through all the years as a career counselor.

All introverts can make it better for themselves by implementing the following tips:

Smile as much as you can

A lot of research and surveys have been conducted on the science of smiling. The reason behind smiling is still in the discovery mode, however, it is a fact that smiling impacts the body and mind in a very positive manner. Many scientists have also concluded that smiling can lead to a temporary “high” as well. In the world of corporations, smiling is considered as one of the most important attributes of extroverts. The act of smiling regularly can up the game of introverts by making them more upbeat, approachable and social. Who would not like to connect with an individual who is upbeat? It is real easy and requires a little practice.

Walk with a head held high

The most prominent signs of confidence include a straight posture, keeping an eye contact and moving with a head held high. Naturally, introverts avoid all these three prominent signs of confidence. According to various studies, postures and gestures play a vital role in others perceiving and judging us. All introverts must realize that a strong posture shows your confidence and to assert your remarkable performances, it is important to walk with a head held high. It will make you more visible, more confident and hence the judgment will turn in your favor. 

Your words are your impressions. Choose wisely!

To make a long-lasting impression, it is important to choose your words wisely. It is a fact that introverts get scared and terrified when they become the center of attention, or when they are up for public speaking. However, choosing words wisely and taking it as a challenge rather than fear can help a lot of introverts to break all shackles and get the work done easily. Thus, it is a suggestion to all introverts to choose words that make a lasting impression.

Author Bio: Winnie Hardy has completed MBA from a reputed university and is a career counselor at an online university that offers online life experience degree. Winnie is also a motivational speaker and has participated in various forums worldwide. Traveling and reading is her favorite thing to do.

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Why Journalism is One of the Most Exciting Careers

Journalism as a career

Journalism can be a rewarding career option for those who are enthusiastic about latest events and have an eye for detail. Let’s see why journalism can be a good career option.

Journalism – an Overview

Journalism is all about reporting and exploring events happening around the world. However, a vast field in itself, journalism encompasses several aspects that are a part of the profession. Whatever is the mode or field is, in a nutshell journalism follows a trend to present the report to the audience within a stipulated time. If you are confident and enthusiastic about happenings in your surroundings and have an eye for detail — a career in Mass Communication and Journalism is definitely for you.

The Indian media industry’s demand is growing in leaps and bounds with an ever-increasing demand for trained professionals. In a report published by research firm KPMG along with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), it is estimated that the Indian media industry is expected to grow at a rate of 13% annually. This implies that journalists have a bright career option.

Courses and Institutes

Journalism can be pursued at both undergraduate level and postgraduate level. At postgraduate level most of the institutes offer a one year or a ten months diploma. Those who want to pursue a career in journalism can choose from Mass Communication colleges in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and other Indian cities. Some of the leading mass communication and journalism institutes are Indian Institute of Mass Communication (Dhenkanal and New Delhi) Asian College of Journalism (Chennai), Xavier’s Institute of Communication (Mumbai). Apart from these students can also choose from other universities and colleges that include:

    • University of Calcutta, Kolkata
    • University of Pune, Pune
    • University of Mumbai, Mumbai
    • Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Why Go for Journalism?

But why should you become a journalist?  Is it only because it has glamour quotient attached to it? Or is it only because it’s an exciting career? Given below are a few reasons surrounding this exciting employment:

- Scope to Learn Always: Remember your college days? How the curriculum and routine used to be? Paper presentations, writing essays for college, seminars, semester examinations – you would be occupied with an abundance of activities all through the year. Activities made sure that you are on your toes round the year. Dealing with new issues and ideas day in and day out made you smarter with each passing day. The same is applicable in the field of journalism. You are always learning and always on the move. You begin a new assignment just as an ignorant child only to become the master of it within a few weeks.

- Getting Paid to Be an Avid Reader: It has been observed that every journalist begins his or her day with a copy of a newspaper while sipping a cup of tea. Yes, reading is an essential part of being a good journalist. The more you read about a variety of topics, the more you end up brushing your skills. These days, many journalists seek the help of social networking sites like LinkedIn or Twitter and the social media to keep themselves updated. They end up reading news articles and blogs daily. Those who are passionate about reading and possess a natural inquisitiveness, journalism would be a highly satisfying career for them.

- Meeting Celebrities and Interesting People: Well, as a journalist, you can expect to indulge in some exciting and interesting activities; dine with the likes of Sonia Gandhi or Shah Rukh Khan; travel to the lands of Tulips and Windmills (the Netherlands) if working for a travel magazine; interview the greatest footballer of all times or critique Shobha De for her newly launched novel. Exciting? Well yes, these are precisely some of the activities you can expect to perform as a journalist.

- Creating Revolution: They say that pen is mightier than the sword! True and this is applicable to the field of journalism. If you are a good writer you can do wonders with the might of your pen. As a dedicated and dutiful journalist you can bring about a difference in unfair lawsuits and may be help people lead a more respectful life within the society.

- Enjoy A Little Bit of Fame: Just like meeting the who’s who, going either on air or a television channel can be exciting and fun at the same time. Who does not like to be recognised for his or her work? Everyone does! If you get to hear a statement like, “Hey! I read your article that day” in the leading daily is unquestionably rewarding. Similarly, when you get to host a prime time talk show with the top-notch personalities from either from the world of politics or sports, it will obviously add certain amount of star element to your journalist image.

- Is it Stress or Excitement: Well, the strict deadlines of stories might give you an adrenalin rush at times, but structuring a complete story within a buzzing newsroom can actually be challenging and exciting.

- Get to Travel: If you are smitten by the travel bug, you have struck a deal! As a journalist you do get to travel almost like wanderlust. Covering soccer tournaments, trade fairs, book fairs, political meets happening across the globe is but a part of your job description. 

All said and done, we can conclude that journalism not only has good career opportunities but it is definitely one of the most exciting careers.

Author bio:

Jeffrey is an academic college paper writer contributing for a number of educational magazines, journals and online writing websites, including

Tips to get Your Resume Ready for Job Search in 2017

ready your resume to boost your job search

Decided to start your job search? The first roadblock that you need to jump is coming up with a perfect resume. Your resume is your number one tool that can open your doors towards your dream job.

The stakes are high and hence it is no wonder that a resume refresh brings up existential angst amongst job seekers. After all, it is not easy to condense your entire work experience into an error free single page document on which your entire career is dependent. Sounds stressful? Doesn’t it?

But, it does not have to be this fearful as if you take the right steps towards drafting an employer friendly resume, there is nothing that can hold you from getting shortlisted. Here are five steps that will get your resume ready for a perfect job search in 2017.

#1 Ensure You Start with Right Factors

Do not depend on “one-size-fits-all” for a resume. The format and the information you use in it should directly be correlated to the job profile and industry standard you are applying to. Do not hesitate to take professional help.

The answer to the age old question of “how long your resume be?” depends on the number of years that you have. As a general rule:

  • Job seekers with under three years of experience should aim for a single page resume
  • Those with experience greater than three years should aim for two
Remember, a recruiter does not have time to glance through every information on your resume. So as far as possible provide them with the information that you think is most important for the reader.

#2 Get Your Basics at the Right Place

Every resume has a few must haves, regardless of the type of job and industry you are applying to. A resume must and most definitely have job titles,work experience, responsibilities and work summary.

The timeline is important for the recruiter. So, whether you are using a chronological format or functional format, it definitely should have a timeline.

Another basic information that needs to be present on your resume is your contact information.

#3 Break Through Keywords

Recruiters do not read every resume that comes in for a job opening. Often there is an ATS (applicant tracking system) that filters out resumes for the employer. The ATS uses keywords or phrases from the job description to filter your resume.

So it is necessary that you pack your resume with keywords. But ensure that you do not go over the board. Eventually, your resume would be read by human eyes. Sprinkle those keywords throughout the resume.

#4 Ensure your Resume is not outdated

Just like you know your dressing should be prim and proper for an interview, similarly, your resume should not appear out-of-date or inappropriate.

So, replace your objective section with the summary and get rid of clich├ęs on it. Make sure that your resume defines your personality and speaks fresh and latest for you. Also, stick to basic fonts and avoid using those crazy ones.

#5 Be Discoverable

In this digital trend, it is important that you are discoverable to recruiters. Use social media platforms to portrait the best out of you. Also you should avoid putting up things that would make to unsuitable for the job you are applying to.

Use online portals for applications. Recruiters today scan a lot of resumes through online job portals as they are one of the most popular ways of searching the perfect employee.

Also, using an online portal makes it easy for you and the recruiter to find each other. So, get ahead and starting looking for a perfect job today.


Finding a job might be not an easy path to go to. But a correct start can make a lot of things easy for you. Just be careful enough to bring out the best of your entire work history, your achievements, your skills and your learnings in that one page of the resume.

How to Fall Back in Love with Your Job

Here's How You Can Fall Back In Love With Your Job

Remember the time when you just got started with your current job when everything felt fresh and special. The benefits offered to you and the job role, everything seemed just so great back then. You loved it when people asked you “What do you do?” and your answers reflected the pride you took in your job. However, now you feel that the excitement has fizzled out over the years. Nothing feels special anymore and the same things that didn’t bother you earlier,gets you irritated now.

A daily 9 to 5 routine can wear anyone down. Even the most exciting jobs have boring days when we count down the hours till you can leave the office. If all this sounds too familiar to you, keep reading. Outlined below are a few tips for bringing back the spark and help you fall back in love with your job all over again.

1) Withdraw yourself for some time:

The best way to rediscover enthusiasm for the job is by withdrawing yourself from it for some time. Take a small break or a long vacation to ponder over your life and work. Keeping yourself away from the job and the mundane routine will make for an environment free from any prejudices.You will be able to see things more clearly and help understand how you actually feel about the things that are going wrong.

2) Identify the causes:

Sit down and make a list of all the things that make you unhappy or dissatisfied at work. Once you have the list, separate the causes that you can do something about from the ones that are beyond you and start taking concrete actions. For example, if you are a writer who doesn’t feel inspired,you need to find inspiration on your own to write better. Nobody else can do that for you.

3) Fix what is in your power:

Sometimes even making the smallest of changes can create a huge impact. Take concrete steps towards maintaining a healthy work-life balance even if it means grabbing a cup of coffee with friends after office sometimes.You will start feeling happy instantly. Try to keep negativity at bay by concentrating on all the things you do love about your job and avoid participating in office gossips. While gossip makes for an effective way to bond with colleagues, overdoing it may push you over the edge and make you hate the job even more.

4) Talk to your boss:

While preparing the list of causes, you might have identified causes that are beyond you. However, your boss might be able to help you with some of these causes. If you think that there’s a particular part of your work that you just don’t like, you can talk about it to your manager if s/he can swap the duty with somebody who likes doing it. You can also ask for more work of your interest. Things will start changing with the addition of new work duties and your love for the job will come back.

5) Negotiate for better perks or salary:

Sometimes people feel underpaid for the work they are doing and this can leave them frustrated and unhappy. If you feel the same way, you might want to put your negotiation skills to good use by asking fora raise and more perks. Before asking,do your research well and figure out whether what you are asking for is justified or not. Prepare your reasons in advance and give out actual facts to support them.

6) Visualize happiness:

Think about the times when you used to be happy at work.It will help you understand your reasons for unhappiness at work better and you will be able to find a solution. Think about all the things you would love to do in your free time or life in general and you will have a fresh new reason for doing the job.Sometimes all we need is a reason to keep going. Occupied with daily routines and stressful jobs, people lose their motivation to work. Simply remembering or renewing them can help you feel more energized and happy at work.Try and look at the big picture of what your company is doing and the part you play in it. Most of the times, people don’t realize that they are playing a critical role in achieving their company’s objectives.

7) Change the way you do things:

Look for better and effective ways of doing your job. Even scheduling your work differently can create a huge impact. Take up-tasks that you like or require most energy first in the morning because that’s when people are most attentive and at their creative best. Take breaks in-between tasks. Ask your manager to have walking meetings instead of standard meetings requiring you to sit inside a meeting room. Sometimes people realize that it is not the job that they hate but how they do it.If your work requires you to travel frequently for attending events or meetings, plan your travels and commitments in a way that you get enough time for yourself.Make sure you get proper rest and find time to do things apart from work.

8) Spruce up your desk / cabin / cubicle:

Sitting in the same spot every day for a long time makes things dull. That’s precisely why most startups are opting for a sit-wherever-you-want kind of a setup. However, if your organization follows a set seating structure, you can change things by decorating your desk / cabin / cubicle. You can add interesting things like posters, post-its, even photographs of your favorite people. Doing so will instantly brighten up the environment and you will feel happy and more energetic.

9) Start a side business:

If you have any interest or passion outside your work, explore them by starting a side business. It will be difficult to manage both work and business together initially. However, if handled correctly you would be able to do just fine. You can then easily reflect on your career priorities. Starting your own business will also give you a better perspective on how things work in an organization. While working solo and managing a lot of work roles on your own, you might even start appreciating those performing similar roles at your workplace.

10) Volunteer for a cause:

There’s no greater feeling than doing something for the betterment of the society we are a part of. You feel that you are doing something for the greater good. Volunteering is one of the best ways to distract yourself from everything going wrong in your life and focus on bigger problems. What would be even better is that you start and organize a volunteering initiative at your workplace.In your efforts to do something for the society, you will also create the opportunity to bond with your co-workers.

Even after doing all this if you realize that your job still fails to make you happy; it is time you should consider making a career change. However, before you take a decision, think deeply and be absolutely sure about it.Check whether you are ready and willing to take the big career and financial risk or not.

Author Info:

Megha Raizada is a professional writer working with the premium job portal She has a keen interest in the global job market, but also loves to keep a track of everything interesting happening around the globe. You can reach her at Twitter and Google+.

Image Source:  Unsplash / Pixabay

5 Tips To Write An Attractive Resume

Tips To Write An Attractive Resume

Resume writing
is not just for showing your education or listing the experiences that you got from different jobs. Your resume should be a clear illustration of yourself being a professional and that you can do by means of adding the set of your skills, your requirements, conditions, qualification and the objective that you want to attain by the job. The things that are not necessary for being the part of your resume don’t add them as well as the information that makes the paragraphs lengthy, for instance, listing of inappropriate interests or hobbies and unnecessary division that make difficulty for reader to understand your resume.

Consider the working experience that you have learnt by working in different environment and format it, there are many format styles that one can use for the resume. In the case; you don’t having any experience than the focus of strain must be towards the performance and accomplishments of academic. For hiring employees the company is not supposed to pay too much attention on reading resumes of 100’s of candidates, they just scan it and in that process they use to focus on the things that grabs their interest. Many of the resumes gets out of the attention due to the appearance of it try to make it as simple as you can so that the employer can understand it easily. If you think the employer is having plenty of time for reading your resume then you are wrong, the time a resume gets from the employers is just for a few seconds and the seconds are not more than 10 to 20. Here are the tips that would assist you in crafting your resume in a better and organized way.

Keep It Simple And Neat

The interpretation made by the employer about your resume is based on the appearance of it. The appearance of your resume reflects that how focused are you about getting this job and for paying your role in the growth of the organization. The small font that you use can grab the eye attention of the employer but if you use large font that won’t work, so try to use the appropriate font size, it could be from 10-12 pt. As well as check for the standard font and use the same size and standard from top to bottom of your resume. Left space in the breakings/paragraphs for making resume more attractive and clean, and for concise writing make use of bullets. In bullets you can point your qualification, accomplishments and some key learning’s.

Contact Information First

Make use of the contact information on the top of the resume. The employer should not try to search out the entire resume for just finding your contact details. Include proper name, your email address and contact numbers that you are using recently. Avoid the numbers that you were using in the past or having probability of changing the number. If you have any plan of changing the number then also provide an alternative number so that the employer can contact you easily. In some cases you can share your social media accounts, check for it and if the company requires then provide your social media information as well on your resume.

How To List Work Experience

Mention the title of the job, proper joining and ending that under the mentioned work experience. Sequence of the list should be in reverse order, for instance, the recent jobs must be on top. If you want to highlight the accomplishments of the job experience then make use of the bullets instead of long paragraphs. Paragraphs requires extra and long information and that is difficult to organize for listing the accomplishments, and by doing so; irrelevant information will also gets into the resume and that gives an unclear, vague and weak view of your resume.

Which Resume Format: Sequential, Functional Or Combined?

The sequential format is considered as the traditional format of listing the experiences and this is suitable for those who are having any past job experience and the reverse sequence lists the current or recent job experience.

Those who having long gaps in the jobs; they must use the functional format, as it will fill all the gaps in between the jobs and in this way your resume will look attractive and effective. This format lists the skills that you have rather than making a list that is having joining and ending dates. It just puts the focus of the employer on the achievements and skills of yours.

The combination of both the formats will result in listing of the achievements along with the history of employment underneath. This is suitable for those who are not steady or those who are continuously changing their job fields. It will just portray the skills of your to the employer that are relevant to the job that you have applied for.

Choose Relevant Information From Your Educational Background

The academic history of yours must be under the contact information only if you are a fresh graduate. As you want a job and you can attain the attention by means of the achievements of your academic learning. Mention your GPA if it is 3 or more, if not then doesn’t add it. List the degree programs and the major courses as well. The honors and achievements can also be mentioned here. But if you have done internship or any other field work then mention it before listing the academic skills as the focus of this resume is getting a job and that you can do by providing appropriate skills to the employer. While mentioning your internship experience, you are not suppose to add the academic honors except they are exceptional and recognized by an international authority.

Must proofread your resume, check for the grammatical errors, sentence error or punctuation error. Make it errorless, the error in your resume will be just like the spots on your own self. Check; have you used appropriate and required information or not. If there is any extra thing that is not required by the organization remove it, this won’t give you extra credit but you will seem irrelevant for the job.

Author Bio:

Jenny has been working with writing challenged clients for over three years. She provides ghost writing and ghost editing service as well. Currently, she is providing dissertation writing service for the student of college and university. In addition, Jenny also works as a marketing manager at

7 Tricks Celebrities and LinkedIn Writers Use in Their Profiles

7 Tricks Celebrities and LinkedIn Writers Use in Their Profiles

There’s no doubt LinkedIn is one of the most popular social or rather professional sites and has shown tremendous growth over the last one decade. With over 467 million users in 200 or more countries, and some 128 million users in the U.S as at end last month, it’s surely the place to be.

Far from the traditional professional networking role for both personal and commercial purposes, LinkedIn now provides the platform to publish, position, and raise your brand awareness across a 400 million client base. It also provides the opportunity to form partnerships and influence others    

Besides the opportunity for company profile writing and chance to become a LinkedIn writer, the opportunity to influence others and become brand influencers is fast driving celebrities who then dismissed LinkedIn for its “job search” role. Let’s look at some and their profile tricks.

a) Shaquille O’neal – Share Your Story

Now an analyst with TNT’s hugely popular basketball television program (Inside the NBA), the former NBA player has an amazing LinkedIn profile full with his bio, from being the first player to hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees to being an ambassador for several brands.

Unlike most celebrities, you’d notice his profile is not just a pic but a full bio. Other than the fact O’Neal is a star in his own right, many LinkedIn users follow him because he has a story to share.

b) Kim Kardashian – Indicate profession 

Most corporates and LinkedIn writers would agree, Kim’s LinkedIn profile looks professional. Even though she does not enjoy a huge following on her LinkedIn account, she’s kept it simple with her beautiful portrait of course and career as a designer. You would also notice she states she is a professional, which is much unlike what many would easily expect of her as a socialite.

What makes this unique is that if not for her popularity, anyone looking for a designer would be tempted to check out her design samples. The lesson is to let others know what you do, simply.

c) Conan O’Brien – Make Publications

Conan is a Television producer and comedy LinkedIn Writer. His fans would easily remember him for his late night talk show back in 2013. Back then he had zero company profile writing professional and LinkedIn followers. Now he has more than 300, 000 ardent fans and followers.

Conan’s profile highlights his past roles including design and consultation. He also has links to some of published works that teaches us to publicize our brands via Linked using publications.

d) Sarah Palin – Communicate Intentions

Sarah is a politician, pundit and author. She served as the 9th Governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009. Sarah first post her resume in LinkedIn in 2009 but not to network as was the key role of the site back then. She was a vice presidential runner at the same time. She wrote in her profile:

“Fellow Americans, come join our cause and help our country vote in a great man for the U.S president. Thank you.” When put rightly, rallying others to your cause can work well for you.  

e) Richard Branson – Be Simple Despite

Sir Richards is an English business investor and philanthropist popularly known for his Virgin group of 400 or more companies. The business magnate is also a LinkedIn writer with over 70 posts. He describes himself in his LinkedIn profile as a tie-loathing adventurer and thrill seeker.

As a person you would easily describe as very busy, the thought of having a LinkedIn account is itself very inspiring. To think he makes it look so simple even adds to his very influential status.

f) Emily Chang – Try “Short and Sweet”
Emily is described mostly as a life-time television journalist currently anchoring for Bloomberg TV. Emily’s LinkedIn profile is simple yet impressive. She’s arranged the shows she hosts front and center, making it easy for her followers to know what they are, where, and how to find them. 

Her profile reminds other LinkedIn users to try keeping things simple if they want to stand out.

g) Jeff Haden – embrace greatness with grace
With just about 720,000 followers, the entrepreneur and LinkedIn writer is surely influencing a multitude. Jeff’s writings are often described as smart, witty and poignant. But what is unique and perhaps what contributes most to his popularity is his down-to-earth (humility) personality.

“Otherwise, I’m a wannabe cyclist, fitness enthusiast of minimal repute, over the hill motorcycle racer and if making lots of mistakes was a path to wisdom I would be a genius but since I am not clearly it’s not.”You can sure learn a lot from one thing; embrace greatness graciously.    

About Author: Carrie Cox works as a content manager and her hobby is traveling, reading and guest posting. She is specialized on writing useful articles for job seekers in order to make their job hunting process easier and more effective.

Best Career Options after Class 12th

Best Career Options after Class 12th

A sigh of relief for class 12th students once done with their board exams. An expression of joy and a kind of excitement as they would be looking forward to a new phase of life, yes the colourful college life. But somewhere around the corner a thought that just passes through every pupil's mind that is what’s next? What are the career options that I should choose? Which is a best suitable option for me?

Most of them would end up in a dilemma. Both parents and students may continue with sleepless nights. But nothing to worry about. There are several career options that one can choose from. With proper guidance, it would be easy to choose the best career option for one. This article provides an insight into various career options.

Continue Your Higher Education with the Same Stream

If you had opted for science stream with physics, chemistry, and maths there are many professionals that you can choose from namely information technology, Design, Architecture, and Engineering. If you have science with physics, chemistry, maths, biology or statistics one can opt for BDS, MBBS, Veterinary, Pharmacists, Nursing, and Optometrists. 

There are a lot of interesting streams namely Diploma in Forensic Science, Diploma in criminology, B.Sc in chemistry, forensic science, B.Sc in Animal Biotechnology, Microbiology, Fishery Microbiology, Agriculture, Entomology, Agronomy, Geology, and Crop Physiology.

Now coming to commerce stream the various career options available are Bachelor of Statics, Hotel Management, Journalism and mass communication, Animation and Multimedia courses, Event Management Course, Hospitality Diploma Course,, Law, and B.B.A.

Change the Stream and Continue With Higher Education

Sometimes we may choose a stream to keep options wide after class 12th. Based on your interest you can switch to different streams. Depending upon some criteria and restrictions only certain switches are possible. For instance, it is not possible to change from commerce stream to science. Basically, one should explore colleges and courses and look for various eligibility criteria and make a right decision at a right time.

Career in Travel

If you're a person who would love to travel and possess a good personality along with good communication skills then it is definitely a best suitable course for you. Join Travel and Tourism where you get a chance to visit various destinations frequently as part of your job. There are a degree and certification courses. One may have to take entrance exams if you are further planning for post-graduate programs.

Appearing in Entrance Exam

If you're looking for a career in a government sector or army then this is one of the favourable options. Depending upon the stream that one has chosen, there would be a need to give entrance exam as admission to certain college may require entrance tests. One of the reason would be a large number of applicants. One need to be aware of date and time of examinations as they are conducted at the different times in a year. Some exams like JEE Main 2017 for engineering are available in online format. Apart from this, there are several exams that are available both offline and online mode.

The aspirants writing various competitive exams or preparing for entrance exams based on the streams they have chosen May in a confusion regarding the methods of preparation or so to choose the best books. Studying with an NCERT Books is a good quick start. The language used in books are very easy and graspable. Each concept is explained in detail. The books are written by excellent academic experts. It will be of great help. So all that can be said is to make a choice based on your interest and strengths and walk on a path of success.

About Author: Bhavishya.S is presently working as a content writer at Byju’s. She loves to pen down her imagination through words. Since when she started her career she has written articles and blogs. If you wish to discuss any related concepts or ideas feel free to drop an email at