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Tips to Succeed in Your Career

Most people decide what they want to do as a career early in life. Some begin as young as 5 or 6 years old, while other find their passion during their college years. The idea of a career is a job that you choose to do for a long number of years. Today, having dual careers or several careers over a lifetime is becoming more of the norm than sticking with one career until retirement.

Measuring Success

The idea of success in a career is often measured by the title of a person’s position, the amount of money made, or the amount of influence wielded in a particular field. In almost all cases, success is part political, meaning that the old adage, “It’s not what you know but who you know” still holds true. It can be said that who you know will always be a measurement of success.

Educate Yourself

One way to jumpstart a successful career path is a verifiable education. The type of education needed depends on the field of work you choose. Many people pursue the traditional college route, which enhances the resume. Others opt for technical school which prepares them for the hands-on types of work. A few who pursue starting their own business likely have an apprenticeship type of education, where an idea is processed and becomes reality. Regardless of where education is obtained, it presents itself as a necessary primer for success.

Networking Realities

The political aspect of success was mentioned, and in today’s euphemized world the reality is called networking. But be selective about who you add to your network because each person added will require time to communicate with if they are to have any long term value. It is about knowing the right people, not just a number of people. Be sure to reciprocate the help offered. Position yourself to make yourself available to those who are able to help you the most. Many people will want your time to help them be successful – the question to be asked is how your time is being reciprocated. This may sound harsh to some, but experience will show it is the proper course of action.

Continue to Learn

Most careers require you to continue your education in your field through online classes, training seminars, or other methods to add to your knowledge base. For a career person, this should be a voluntary action, even if the company does not reimburse you for the cost. In the current information age knowledge grows so quickly with changes to procedures being made monthly, falling behind is a guaranteed career stopper.

Become Organizationally Active

Finally, becoming a member of a professional organization and being an active member combines the best of two worlds. Keeping current with your profession and networking are mutually beneficial actions possible as a member of an organization. An Internet search will show the results of an organization you can join, often for a low annual membership fee. If you are currently in school, many organizations have student rates which are usually about one half of the regular membership fee.

There are two common themes that run through these tips for success. One is education, the other is knowing the right people. What needs to be said at the end here is that both of these themes require a long term commitment to realize long term success. While many students graduate from college, too many stop their education after leaving college. With networking, many people start their networks with people they work with, yet fail to nurture and maintain those relationships after moving on. The key is to be consistent and grow from the beginning of your career to its end.

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Five Ways To Get A Great Hospitality Internship

If you are interested in pursuing a career within the field of hospitality, you should know that obtaining and completing an internship can help you accomplish your objective. In many cases, individuals who are interested in completing hospitality internships find it challenging to do so. If this is the case for you, the following five strategies can be of great assistance:

1. Career Services Centers

Using the services provided by a career services center to obtain a hospitality internship is a great idea, and for several reasons. First of all, Career Services Centers tend to get systematic, frequent updates regarding any internships that become available. Once this happens, they will report this information to students and/or other people who frequent their facility. Additionally, Career Services Centers tend to provide services that increase the likelihood that prospective interns will attain the position they desire. Thus whether you need assistance in putting together a professional resume or would like to go on a mock interview to increase your confidence in speaking with prospective employers, a Career Services Center can be of great assistance to you.

2. Networking

Networking is another wonderful strategy you can implement in order to obtain a great hospitality internship. With networking, students develop meaningful, professional relationships with individuals who operate within the hospitality sector, including prospective employers. There are a million different ways that you can network effectively, including by forming a relationship with any professors or instructors you have who teach hospitality courses. Oftentimes these individuals know people who work within the hospitality sector and can provide you with information regarding where internships are available. Another networking strategy you can employ would be to attend hospitality conferences, lectures, or webinars where prospective employers may be on the look-out for new interns.

3. RMLV Course Certification

Attaining your RMLV certificate is another great technique you can implement for the purpose of attaining a great hospitality internship. The RMLV course taken to obtain the certification is required for licensees (if they are individuals) as well as approved managers. In some cases, RMLV training is required for those who hold permits. Obtaining an RMLV certification typically involves completing an RMLV course that emphasizes:

• Responsibilities under the Liquor Act 1992.
• Management strategies that will assist in the successful operation of a licensed venue
• Self-audit and risk management processes that ensure the responsible and continued safe operation of a business

To obtain the RMLV certificate, one must participate in this course, which generally takes two days to complete and constitutes approximately ten study hours. The course can be delivered in a one-on-one environment or a classroom, as well as through video conferencing that employs use of online video conferencing technological tools. In either case, the course is taught by an approved trainer.

Individuals who are serious about obtaining a great hospitality internship should know that getting the RMLV certificate is a great way to help facilitate this process. In addition to showing prospective employers that you have obtained a substantive amount of knowledge and experience within your field, getting the certification also indicates your willingness to comply with company rules and regulations that will ensure the smooth functioning of the business.

4. School Performance

Performing well in school is an excellent way to increase the likelihood that you will obtain a hospitality internship. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that your professor or instructor can provide you with a strong recommendation letter. Additionally, internship candidates who can list an excellent GPA on their applications will often stand out in the minds of prospective employers. When you begin working hard to develop and maintain a GPA, remember that strong school performance is not just about grades. Additionally, it incorporates the cultivation of good behavior and etiquette such as general respect for self and others, timeliness, etc.

5. Temporary Employment Staffing Agency

Yet another strategy you can employ in order to get a great hospitality internship would be to frequent a Temporary Employment Staffing Agency. Like Career Services Centers, these facilities will typically receive regular updates regarding any internship opportunities that are available. In addition to sharing this information with you, they may offer assistance in the form of mock interviews or resume preparation.

Summing It All Up

If you are interested in getting a great hospitality internship, you should know that there are several ways you can accomplish your objective. In addition to attending networking events and performing well in school, you can obtain assistance through Career Services Centers and Temporary Employment Staffing Agencies. You can also obtain RMLV certification. By implementing some or all of the strategies, you will likely obtain a great hospitality internship and move forward in accomplishing all of your vocational objectives. Good luck!

This post comes from Aew, an MBA who has done a bit of career swapping herself. She started in administration, but now finds herself in marketing. For those looking to do a RMLV course in Brisbane, she recommends Zealifi. If you're looking to plunge ahead with a career in hospitality, a RMLV is invaluable.

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7 Habits of Smart Job Seekers That No One Will Tell You But Me!

Job hunt is never an easy task. There is so much to do that sometimes the job hunts seems the job itself. Often, the job seekers try their hard to get a job. While trying to do so, they often tend to forget some standard rules that must be followed.

However, being a job seeker, you should always remember that there is a difference between working hard and working smart. As an active job hunter, you must act smartly to get your dream job. Your efforts would be worthless if you get rejected for a job that you have worked so hard.

In the following few steps, I’ll tell you the traits of smart job seekers that you must imitate to ensure complete success in your job hunt.

1. Pursue A Balanced Approach

Truly smart job seekers do not entirely rely upon on a single method to seek a job. Instead, they pursue several ways to find a job that could match their career profile. They apply various practices to search their favorite job. They use their time in social networking, finding jobs online and looking for opportunities in career pages of newspapers. This way they never need to be worried about finding a job because even if one method fails, they still have other methods in reserve.

2. Capitalize On Technology

Clever job seekers are aware of the benefits of latest technologies and thus they use them for their job search. With technological tools, they give boost to their job hunt process and find lucrative opportunities faster than those who are technologically illiterate. They create a strong profile on career websites, build wide social networks and use blogging to capture the attention of potential recruiters. In addition, they use online portals and job boards and avail any job opportunity that comes their way.

3. Have Set Preferences

Intelligent job seekers do not blindly follow the crowd. They understand that different people have different priorities and one should set their own objectives. They do reality check of their current situation and then set their preferences for their new job. They have a list of all the things that they look forward in a job before initiating a search. In this way, they are able to earn a job in which they perfectly fit into.

4. Grow With Time

Truly smart job seekers never remain stagnant and keep their career profile up-to-date with the latest trends. They are always in search of new skills and expertise that can enrich them as a professional. So, they keep on reinventing themselves and developing more skills. This gives them an edge over the job seekers in the competition.

5. Good In Time Management And Organization

Smart job seekers are time-conscious and organized. They are very good at managing their time and using it to get closer to a job opportunity. This is why, they always know about a new job before anyone else. In addition, they are extremely good at managing and organizing their life as well. No wonder they are always the first ones to apply for a job or secure a job interview.

6. Never Sit Still

Smart job seekers never sit still while they are unemployed. Instead they find alternative ways to exercise their professional muscles. They look for internship and on-job-training opportunities that help them refine their skills and make some money at the same time.

7. Positive Attitude

Smart job seekers understand the importance of presentation to get a job. This is why they pay attention to the interview attire. They wear never anything that projects them in an inappropriate manner. Besides, they have a pleasant personality and positive attitude. Their lovable nature and poised personality create lasting impression on the recruiter.

Author Bio:

A kind-nature girl and a full-timer at Dissertation Arena, Stewart Agron enjoys the company of smart bloggers who have a keen interest in education just like her. Plus, she’s like a total nerd when it comes to technology and its implementation in the society. Well, she loves to spend her leisure hours with her family and friends.

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Working Perks: Six Jobs You Never Considered Before

If you are searching for a different career path, or just a new short-term job, you might have never have considered some of these wacky careers. You might think some of them sound too good to be true, but they are real professions with a real paycheck. Get in touch with a Columbus Ohio staffing agency to get started on your job search and find a career that suits you for the long run, or just as a fun summer or side job.

Hula-hoop Performer or Instructor 

Teach a children's class on how to hula-hoop for a great way to earn money while staying fit. To increase your income, perform with fire at events as a fire dancer. Make your own hours and select your clients as you rake in the dough and gain semi-celebrity status. If you love to work with your body and stay fit learning new moves as a hula hoop dancer can be a fun and exciting way to make extra money at your own gigs.

Coconut Safety Supervisor 

This is a real job currently filled at the Ritz-Carlton in St. Thomas, although many tropical resorts hire people for similar positions. Safely removing ripe three-pound coconuts just before they are ready to fall is hugely important at lush tropic tourist destinations. Monkey see, monkey do is the name of the game for this job.


If you have a love for flying and are thinking of becoming a licensed pilot, this could be the job for you. Whether you choose to freelance with your own skywriting business, or work for an established sky writing service, you will enjoy great freedom as you soar through the blue sky while delivering messages to those below. It's always an adventure in the air.

Food Scientist 

Food lovers will be in heaven with a job as a food scientist, or taste-tester. From tasting new flavors of ice cream, to coming up with new and improved beverage concoctions, your work is never boring and you get to have a say in new food products. Even becoming a chef can introduce you to more chemistry and delicious combinations than you ever thought possible.

Professional Sleeper 

If your idea of a fun time is being asleep, then this job is made for you. Bed manufacturers and other furniture makers employ individuals to sleep on their designs to test the comfort level. Where else can you get paid to sleep on the job? Of course a lot more goes into this job than just napping. You have to be prepared to analyze and correctly review the products.

Voice-Over Artist 

Can you talk like Donald Duck or in other unusual sounding voices? Then a career as a voice-over artist may be perfect for you. Work for movie production, television cartoons, commercials, and more while enjoying a certain secluded celebrity status. This is a great stepping stone job for getting into more media and entertainment jobs.

Hopefully, this article has opened your view to the array of possibilities in the world of employment. Nine-to-five jobs aren't for everyone, and many positions offer benefits that pay in forms other than currency. If all else fails, why not start your own business as an entrepreneur? Using your talents and imagination, you can find a job that offers you fun, satisfaction and real contribution to the world.

Pursuing a Career in Medicine? Stay Ahead of the Curve by Learning about the Latest Med-Technology

If you have chosen the field of medicine, you are about to enter a noble and rewarding field. In order to best prepare yourself, you should be up to date on the latest advances in medical technology. In our world, technology is changing every day and this advanced technology is being applied to the world of healthcare at a more rapid rate. Anyone in a healthcare position needs to learn about the latest advancements in healthcare technology if they want to stay ahead of the curve and be successful. Read on for a few examples of some new technologies in the medical field that are worth learning about.

The MelaFind Optical Scanner

The MelaFind Optical Scanner is a hand-held medical tool that is revolutionizing screening methods for detecting melanoma. As one of the most troublesome forms of skin cancer with a high mortality rate, properly diagnosing any cancerous lesions on the body is imperative. In the past, patients would have needed painful, invasive biopsies for every mole or spot that was questionable. However, the MelaFind Optical Scanner can spare patients the need for initial surgery. It allows doctors to analyze tissue morphology. While it cannot provide the conclusive diagnosis, this device can help doctors decide if further action is necessary. In many cases, biopsies may not be necessary.

The Echo Therapeutics Patch

Echo Therapeutics is developing new technology that will make life easier for those suffering from diabetes. Until this point, diabetics have had to draw blood on a daily basis to test their blood sugar levels. However, the great minds at Echo Therapeutics have created a patch that actually reads the particulars about a patient's blood through a bio-sensor that works through the skin. Accurate readings without pain is a definite plus and may help more diabetics to stay on top of their insulin intake.

Electronic Implants to Fight Chronic Headaches

In the past, doctors have recommended an assortment of pain relievers to fight the severe pain that affects those with chronic headaches. It's a solution that doesn't address the root of the problem and rarely works effectively. However, Autonomic Technologies, Inc. out of California is developing an implant that would be inserted into a patient's gum on the side that generally generates pain. The device is controlled by the patient. When the first sign of pain is detected, a remote control will actually stimulate the nerves that cause the pain and block the neurotransmitters that would cause a full-blown headache. It's a proactive approach that heads pain off at the pass.

It's important to embrace new developments in the future, especially if you plan to be successful in the healthcare realm in the 21st century. When you are ready to enter the field, these exciting technologies can help you to provide patients with better care. If you're already a medical professional, it is of utmost importance that you stay on top of changing and developing technologies. The more you know, the more capable you will feel and the easier it will be to adapt to further changes in the future.  Information for this article was provided by the professionals of Medical Management Services, who provide medical practice assessments to help clinics and practices to develop using strategic planning.

Rampant Stress Levels Sweep the Nation

Mental health charity, Mind, recently revealed that stress in the workplace is causing a £26 billion epidemic. And it’s catching. Statistics have reached a record high of employees taking sick days in order to avoid stressful work environments. Some have even escalated to the point of quitting because their stress levels are simply unbearable. A recent study published by The Independent on Sunday, detailed that as much as a quarter of Britain's workforce have left their job thanks to a discouraging or uncooperative manager. A further 17% left in reaction to extreme workload.

These unmanageable workloads, unsupportive work environments and bullying in the workplace have led to a record high for employees taking sick days, citing health issues such as migraines or the common cold and never the true culprit: stress.

Emotionally intelligent employers

In response to these shocking numbers, charities such as Mind and other employment groups insist that it is essential for employers to become more “emotionally intelligent” and aware, remembering that their workforce consists of people, not machines. It has never been more necessary and urgent for employers to address the way in which they handle stressful work environments and the pressures their employees are faced with. This will have a doubly positive effect: happy employee’s means a more productive environment which will only result in good growth for business.

Mind’s chief executive, Paul Farmer, asserts that metal health in the workplace has to become a top priority for businesses as current statistics reveal that more people are crushed under workplace stress than ever before.

Stress and its stigma

Yet employees are still too frightened to speak out about their troubles, preferring to blame their absence on physical health issues rather than mental. Mental illness is still seen as psychosomatic, in comparison to supposedly more valid health issues. Approximately eight million British employees will suffer from common mental health issues like depression and anxiety. The knock on effect of this is extremely damaging for business. Mental illness issues results in approximately a £26 billion loss for employers yearly. Despite this massive loss, HR directors seem to be in the dark regarding their employee’s troubles.

There are various companies that offer HR solutions so that employers can focus on their employees’ mental health, rather than focussing on admin processors for payroll services and recruitment solutions. These companies provide sophisticated people management solutions, allowing employers to achieve their businesses’ goals without sacrificing their employees’ sanity. You can find HR SaaS Vendors here.

These services are in line with Mind’s current campaign, “Taking Care of Business.” Mind aims to urge employers to encourage their employees to share the work stresses and strains, which will deflate the stigma surrounding stress as a false or contrived issue. Cooperates such as BT and Axa have agreed to follow Mind’s cautioning, applying a “reclaim lunch hour” drive to encourage employees to find a balanced work-life.

The awareness that published studies and Mind’s campaign has drawn to Britain's workplace mental health issues are starting to take hold and have a positive effect. Last year, for example, saw more policies concerning mental health and employment initiated than in the past ten years.

More Than Money: 6 Careers That Actually Help Others

For some people, leading a fulfilling and rewarding life involves helping others. Making a difference in someone’s life can be a truly satisfying experience. Aside from police officers, firemen, and nurses; there are many careers that provide the ability to be an encouraging force in someone’s life. If you want to make a living by truly helping people, read on for suggestions of careers that will allow you to do so.

Adult Literacy Teacher

When an adult needs to improve English skills, reading, or writing; they attend an adult literacy class. Many people don’t believe this career is influential; but students of this class would disagree strongly. These teachers help people that come from a different culture learn English. It is important to add that learning to speak, read, and write English can help a student transition successfully to a new culture. In many ways, adult literacy teachers have a long lasting impact on the lives of their students and their ability to make a life for themselves and their families in a new country.

Substance Abuse Counselor

This type of counselor gives support and treatment to people suffering from addiction. In most cases, the patients are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Substance abuse counselors work in different environments that can include halfway houses and detox centers. Dealing with people suffering from addiction can be demanding, but witnessing the growth of a patient is meaningful. Although the job can be challenging, the moral support and encouragement of these counselors have a positive impact on the lives of their patients. These counselors are the primary tool patients use to begin living a healthier lifestyle.

Occupational Health and Safety

If you haven't ever heard of this career, it is probably because these are the people “behind the scenes” that keep organizations safe, and spring into action during emergencies. Those who get a degree in occupational health and safety have the chance to ensure that people are safe on large scale construction sites, make decisions that help protect those involved in fires, and even take care of potential security threats and breaches for organizations. These people are the heroes that no one ever hears about, but most of the time, they end up saving the day. If you want to be a protector of people, this is the career for you.

School Counselor

School counselors are under-appreciated for the amount of help they provide to others. These counselors give students the support needed to improve organizational skills, time management skills, and correct behavioral issues. This type of support helps a student flourish socially and academically. School counselors are useful in every level of education. Although many students don’t realize how important counselors are at the time, many look back in hindsight and recognize how the counselor helped them succeed. The fact that this career is under-appreciated shouldn't stop you from pursuing it. You will feel the personal rewards of the job and won't need the public recognition for your work to be satisfied.

Social Worker

Social workers are committed to improving the lives of the community as well as the individual. Social workers help the elderly find care, the unemployed find work, and foster children find a good home. Social workers help people in need by giving them access to resources they are unaware of. This career uses many tools to help others. More importantly, this career has a significant impact on the lives of others. If you feel like you have been privileged in your life, consider helping those who haven't been dealt the best cards in life. You have plenty of options for areas of work with this career, so it gives you the opportunity to help a vast number of people.

Home Health Aide

Home health aides offer in-home healthcare to the elderly, the ill, and the disabled. In some cases, the services can vary distinctly depending on the needs of the patient. However, the basic services include administering medicine, housekeeping, dressing the patient, and bathing. Many health aides enjoy this career because it directly helps those in need. Not only will you be a huge help to the elderly and disabled that you work with, but you will be an incredible blessing to their families. Caring for a loved one who can't take car of themselves can be a difficult burden for most families, so your help will give them relief and peace of mind—they will be extremely grateful for your service.

A career that helps others doesn't have to merely consist of police officers and doctors. There are many careers that help people build confidence, live healthier lifestyles, and improve skills for success. Many of these careers offering a rewarding experience for both parties involved, and you will not only make a decent living, but you will feel good about yourself and the work you are doing.

Why Hiring Managers Look at the Job Seekers’ Social Media Accounts?

What you do in the social media platform? Connect with like-minded people, share feelings, post photos and comment on others’ posts. Have you ever thought that your social media behavior can be under scanner? Modern employers are more interested to study what you say on social networking sites than looking at your resume. It has become a trend to screen the social networking sites of the job applicants. According to a study conducted by Reppler, 76% of the companies use Facebook as their primary resource to have an in-depth knowledge of the job applicants.

What kind of information the hiring managers try to learn from the social networking sites?

More than half of the companies go through the social media platform of the applicants to determine whether the person is a good match with the company’s culture. Others want to learn more about the candidates’ qualifications and skills. When your resume includes several details, why the prospective employers are more eager about the social media profiles?

The employers are of the opinion that from the social media sites they can comprehend the real interests of a person, their hobbies and skills which the resume or the cover letter lacks to focus. How will you behave in the social networking sites? Be very calculative while using your social media platform? It is simply not possible to be entirely formal in a social media platform.

Instead, it is better to keep certain aspects of your life secret. What to reveal and what to hide will depend on the kind of information that the employers look from the social networking sites. Usually, the hiring team of a company scans the profiles for reasons that will restrain them from appointing the candidate.

In most of the cases, the job applications are rejected after the screening process. The most obvious reason for rejection being, the candidate has made some reference about drug use or limitless drinking. Some other instances for which someone may lose a prospective employment opportunity include: bad comments about the former employers, confidential information of previous employers, poor communication skills, and lies about skills or qualifications.

At which phase of the hiring process do the employers look at the social networking sites?

Maximum companies primarily shortlist candidates on the basis of resume, after which there is a phase of initial conversation. Only after that the hiring managers screen the social networking sites. A prospective employee can be extremely mature and professional during half-an hour interview session, but to analyze his or her real decorum the employers consider the social media behavior of the person.

Before hiring an employee, the companies consider internet for information that a prospective candidate will like to hide. Bozeman’s assistant city manager Chuck Winn told in an interview in CNET “Shame on us if there was information out there available about a person who applied for a job who was a child molester or had some sort of information out there on the Internet that kind of showed those propensities and we didn't look for it, we didn't ask, and we hired that person."

However, that interview was criticized badly, as Winn’s explanation signifies an invasion to privacy.  While employers can scout the internet for details that may benefit them somehow in the recruitment process, they have no right to ask the prospective employees to provide passwords of their social media account or hack it. The company interested to go through a personal account can only view the information that is public. Therefore, make sure how your Timeline appears to others.

How can you attract the attention of employers through social media sites?

Just do not focus on removing or hiding improper content from the online profiles. If you are searching for a job try to present information through your personal accounts that willcatch the employers’ eyes. Job seekers who are invisible or silent online are at an unfavorable position. In the competitive job market, you will be noticed if you can successfully illustrate your strengths through your online accounts. Instead of demonstrating what you have already accomplished, show through the profiles what you can offer to the prospective employers.

LinkedIn is an obvious place to build up a professional profile. Include in that profile a detailed resume along with your job history. Project this kind of information in your Twitter, Facebook and Google + profile as well. Follow the companies in your field. Join the conversations about industry trends and like the posts that interests you. Share your expertise through different articles.

Valuable information will likely impress the employers and you can pocket a desirable job.

Author Bio:

Richard White works as an editor at Yellow Brick Path. He enjoys varying his work and researching new and different approaches to his work. He shares an interest in career counseling and recruitment.

Building a Resume in Ways You've Never Thought of

Thomas Jefferson believed in luck, and he noticed that the harder he worked, the more luck he had. Times may have changed since Jefferson's era, but hard work still has a way of paying off. When you enter the job market, you must understand that you have already begun working for the company that will hire you. All you have to do is help your future company find you.

Build A Resume with Swaggar

You live in a revolutionary time with the era of social networking through the internet. Networking has become a skill you must be equipped with to face the job market differently. You must be a little creative to gain an edge and get a step up.

Info-graphic Resume

One interesting way to get noticed is to present an info-graphic resume. The info-graphic resume may work better if you're seeking a job that requires visual data, such as web design. The intention of this resume is to grab your employer's attention with bubbles of information. This resume is a stylized version of the Venn diagram. The average attention span of adults is quite short, and this resume shoots information quickly to the reader, and it is visually arresting.

A Flickering Resume

Presenting yourself as a star in the hiring world may not be such a bad idea. Think about producing a brief video that presents your skills, or an introduction of yourself to possible employers. Many people would prefer to see rather than read. This an opportunity for you to show off your personality and communication skills. Information has shown that many employers are looking for likability, among other traits. Be sure that your video is produced professionally either by you, or a professional.

Webisite Yourself

Build a website for yourself. This is a professional site that you can direct your potential employers to. This personal website should showcase your best features as a potential employee. This format shows your employer that you are a product of the present times, and you understand this. Make sure that the website is built professionally and is always current.

A Few Things To Consider

When it comes to your resume, you do not want to see empty spaces in your work-related experiences. So, what can you do? It may be a good idea to volunteer in the industry you want a job in. Many employers will prefer people who have volunteered, since it shows initiative on your part. And don't forget that many employers consider internships to be entry-level work which can help you in your resume. For example an intern with a NEC master of public policy will do a lot better than just having the degree alone. If you get the opportunity for an internship, do not hesitate to take it. In addition to volunteering, you may want to try a few ventures in entrepreneurship. Employers love people who can get things done without a push. Don't just say you are a go-getter, show it.

The tools to succeed are there. There are numerous ways that you can showcase your talents and skills. Add those tools to your experience, and you become a formidable job-seeker. The bottom line is that your future job has to find you in a sea of fish. Make sure you are the fish making the biggest splash.

Why Your Company Needs Online IT training

Computers play a role in many areas of our lives, not least in the workplace. If as an employer you're to get the most out of your systems, then it's vital that your staff are properly trained. This will enable them to be more productive and will reduce the demands on your support team too.

Types of training

When it comes to choosing IT training you generally have the choice of a traditional classroom-based model or an online course. Classroom training has advantages in terms of personal tuition and completing the whole course in one go. However, it does usually involve time away from the office and may be difficult to fit around normal work schedules.

Online courses offer more flexibility. People can work at their own pace and organise the training around their other commitments. It means that the course can be started as soon as you've signed up rather than having to wait for a scheduled date too. Other advantages are that modules can be repeated if necessary and there are no distractions from questions or discussions that aren't relevant to the student.

Advantages for management

When staff are properly trained or have a recognised qualification they feel more confident in carrying out their jobs. They're more efficient and therefore more productive which helps the bottom line. Even for staff who aren't in entirely IT-based roles, having proper training helps them to use computers more effectively in their day-to-day tasks. Of course picking the right training is key, it must be relevant to the job and delivered in a timely manner.

The advantage of the type of online IT courses available here is that they're easier to fit around other activities. Naturally you need to ensure that if your people are signed up to a course they're given the time to complete it. A good online course will make it easy to monitor progress and adjust the training schedule as appropriate.

Advantages for accountants

Online courses are generally cheaper than traditional classroom training, which will make your accountants happy from the start. That's not the only advantage though, because your staff don't need to go elsewhere to complete a course you save on travel costs and reduce the amount of productive time lost.

Because purchasing of online IT training can be done centrally it's easier to control budgets and allocate your training spend between departments. This is good for the HR department too as it's easy to see how the training is distributed.

A workforce that isn't properly trained won't deliver its best productivity and that's particularly true where IT systems are concerned. Good training may seem like a drain on the business, but by opting for the flexibility of online courses you can retain control over the time and costs involved. If your staff are able to use their computer systems effectively then you'll ultimately see greater productivity across the whole business and that can only be a good thing.

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